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Changing Seasons

Slipping in Some Fun Before Hitting up Fall Maintenance

Fall Tokens

WITH the shifting weather this past week, we can all feel autumn approaching in the cooler air coupled with the scent of sun-baked foliage readying for its fall to damp soil The thunderstorm from this past Saturday evening was quite impressive - there has not been a light and thunder show that foreboding since we moved here in early 2010. Perhaps, it was just a bit of pomp & circumstance for another summer season coming to a close.

With the shifting seasons comes the need to run through an annual checkup and chore list around your home to prepare for winter. But first, we had to step into September with some fun...


Fun @ The Washington State Fair

One post Labor Day tradition that we started a few years ago is an annual trip to the Washington State Fair to gorge ourselves on nostalgia & regional traditions. Oh, and of course on food along the way...Sales Family Corn-dogs, Fisher Scones, candy apples. You may wonder if we've tried the fried butter, but I will never tell! Here are some photos from our day at the Fair!

One of our favorite stops is to watch Joaquin Qeuzada of Creative Wood Sculptures bring life to raw wood with his chainsaw. We purchased one of his pieces last year & it has a prime spot in our living room. Plus, the smell of wood and the sound of the saw really bring on the chord of fall.

There are competitions in all sorts of agricultural categories with farmers sharing their spoils to be judged. It is a feast for the eyes and senses!

Well, now that we've covered some fun fall activities, let's talk about chores that come along with home ownership. Take a moment to check out this handy fall maintenance checklist to get you started on prepping your home for the changing seasons.


Fall Maintenance Checklist

  1. Test smoke alarms, carbon monoxide detectors, fire extinguishers and all ground-fault interrupters

  2. Service your furnace / heat pump and replace or clean filters - Performing regular maintenance can help prevent minor problems from becoming costly major repairs

  3. Inspect and clean your chimney is you regularly use your fireplace

  4. Clean bathroom and kitchen vents

  5. Clean dryer vent, washer filter and check laundry area for leaking hoses

  6. Check water heater for leaks

  7. Check crawlspace insulation, vapor barrier and vents

  8. If you have a sump pump, test that it is working properly

  9. Look for stains, mold or mildew, daylight around penetrations (windows, doors etc.), and disconnected vents in the attic

  10. Remove debris from gutters, widow wells, and downspouts throughout the fall

  11. Treat moss on your roof

  12. Make sure downspout water is properly draining away from your home

  13. Rake leaves, prune trees and shrubs after the leaves turn to encourage healthy growth

  14. Trim limbs that may impact your home or power lines during stormy weather

  15. Disconnect garden hoses and drain in-ground sprinkler systems. If you do not have frost free faucets, install foam covers

  16. To prevent pipes from freezing or bursting, ensure pipes on exterior walls are well insulated

  17. Grass roots are growing deeper to prepare for winter - Now is the ideal time to re-seed and fertilize your lawn

  18. Stock up on winter supplies such as a snow shovel, salt/sand for sidewalks and car window scrapers

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