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for Your New Home

Seattle is currently a strong seller's market often pitting buyers against one another. Many buyers are discovering that they may have to put in offers on multiple homes before they finally receive the positive news that their offer was accepted.  

In an environment that often sees offer review dates, escalation clauses and bidding wars, it is increasingly important that you pick the right real estate agent to partner with you and represent your interest in the home buying process.

We can ensure that you have the latest market data and tools at your disposal to find the right home at a fair value for your budget.

Extensive Local Market Knowledge

Even before starting our Seattle real estate career, we had a favorite hobby of exploring the city and surrounding region as though we were tourists.  Now, that we've made it our job to become experts in the local region, this is no longer just a hobby.  We explore neighborhoods to get a personal understanding of the community and the highly localized market so that we can be prepared to suggest areas that meet your criteria.  While exploring neighborhoods, we check out any available listings and note their characteristics and stats so that we can follow their time on the market to closing so that we can preemptively determine what will likely be needed to secure a winning offer for our buyer's potential new homes.

We personally make it our goal to "be in the know" of possible projects in the area that may be of interest to buyers or investors.

Strong Industry Relationships

Building strong relationships begins with professionalism and respect.  We've worked with many different industry peers, and with every interaction it is our goal to build rapport and leave a lasting positive impression.  

This works in our customer's favor when we get down to the business of devising a plan once you've decided that you want to put in an offer on a home. We will connect with the listing agent to gather as much information as we can to give you the best advantage.

We can also recommend mortgage brokers, inspectors and other professionals to get you into your new home quickly.

Strong Guidance Through the Offer Process

Purchasing a home is an exciting process that can also have you nervous with a growing list of questions. This can especially be true when you've found a home and you are to ready to write an offer. 

We will do our best to provide you with an expert opinion on what it will take to get a particular property.

First, we'll discuss our strategy for the offer.

  • Offer Price, including escalation clauses

  • Contingencies (i.e. Inspection, Appraisal, Financing)

  • Time to Close

  • Earnest Deposit

Then, we will walk you through the contract step by step and answer any questions that you may have.  You can be confident that we will be transparent throughout the process of our relationship and that we are on your team.

Tactful Negotiations

Presenting an offer and getting an immediate acceptance can be too good to be true.  When a seller decides to counter an offer, the negotiation process begins.

The listing agent and the selling agent will begin the work of communicating with one another for each of their respective customers.  Remember, having strong industry relationships and building rapport with our peers is one of our core skills.  Remaining professional and brokering the best possible outcome for my buyers is always my goal.

No matter what transpires during the negotiation process, I can assure you that I will always keep cool and collected with the only purpose of representing you and achieving what is in your best interest.

Friendly & Professional Partnership with a Collaborative Edge

Somewhere along the way real estate agents  and the industry gained a bad reputation.  From wherever that reputation may stem we can assure you that we have no roots there.

We continue to build a reputation with our customers that we hope precedes us with the expectation of a positive experience. We hope and endeavor to build lasting relationships and friendships through our professional and personal service.

We also know that more heads are better than fewer. We are never done learning. If we ever get to the point where we believe that there is nothing more to learn then we need to change direction. In accordance with this mentality, we value our customers' input and are open to new ideas when it comes to finding a home.

Quick Response Time on All Communications

One of the tenets of great service is responding to all inquiries in a timely manner. It is so important to us that it was one of our leading statements when meeting new potential customers.

You will never find yourself needing to ask us twice for a response or worrying if we have gotten your text, message or e-mail. If we are not able to give you a full response in a reasonably short time, we will let you know when to expect a complete reply or a phone call.

You can also have confidence in the information provided to you. If there is ever a time in which we do not have an answer to a question, we will let you know that we will do our research to get the answer. We're never finished learning, remember?

Complex Transaction Experience

Not all real estate transactions are created equal.  We have experience working in many types of real estate transactions that may involve coordinating and communicating with a customer's legal representation. Please contact us to learn more.

  • 1031 Exchange

  • Coordinated Buy & Sell

  • Relocation

  • Divorce

  • Estate

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