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Selling your home can be an overwhelming time.  You are choosing to make a drastic change in your life, and the process will throw you some curves in your day to day life for a period of time. We want to partner with you to assist in the process and make it as seamless as possible with an outcome that makes it all well worth it.

Whether you are selling your home to up-size, downsize, relocate or any other reason; we understand the process and we have lived through it on all sides.  Let us utilize our experience to be your guide.

Browse below to learn more about the benefits of working with us.

Flexible Listing Packages

One size does not fit all when it comes to selling your home.  We understand that everyone's circumstances are different and that goals for listing and selling may vary.  This is why we treat each relationship with a home owner individually.  

We can offer competitive packages with variable levels of optional services based on your particular goals. When considering a real estate broker for your transaction, you want to choose a respected professional that will also provide personal and attentive service.

All listings are provided with complimentary consultative services for presenting your home in the best possible light  and professional photography to increase potential buyer interest and traffic.  

Depending on the budget for your bottom line, additional services such as professional staging are available.

Regardless of the listing package chosen, we assure you that you will receive the same level of commitment and professionalism in our relationship.

Competitive Pricing Strategy Using Data

One of the biggest mistakes made when listing a property is pricing it too high.  This results in less traffic and increased time on the market.  This is especially important in a market as competitive as the Greater Seattle area. Don't discount the importance of an intelligent pricing strategy even in a strong seller's market.

In the current market, it is highly common that properties are listed with an offer review date 10 days or less after the list date.  Utilizing this strategy combined with a list price that will increase traffic through the property creates an environment conducive to multiple offers that may escalate well above the list price. Conversely, listing a property too high will eliminate some potential buyers that may have otherwise viewed the property.

As the market changes, pricing strategies will change as well.

We will perform detailed analysis of recently sold properties that are comparable to your home as a starting point for our pricing strategy. Additionally, we will look at the characteristics unique to your home that may factor into pricing.

Professional Staging Services

Selling a home is all about first impressions. Staging your home will help it stand out from the rest and allows potential buyers to more easily see the possibilities of the spaces within your home.

If a property is vacant it detracts from the lifestyle that potential buyers can envision. Thoughtful and creative professional staging will highlight the positives in a home's layout, and it will create an environment that is welcoming to potential buyers.

Staging is a key factor to showing your home to a larger audience that will lead to an increase in the sale price.

Complimentary Staging Consultation with Your Decor

It may be intimidating to have someone come into your home and start telling you how to arrange your furniture or how to clean, organize and de-clutter.  It is helpful to remember that we live one way in our homes, but staging is about presenting an ideal scene.

Have you ever watched a television show or movie, and thought to yourself "that's not realistic"about how clean and perfectly coordinated the characters' homes are?  Think of staging your furniture and home in the same way.  We want potential buyers to walk through your home and think to themselves..."This could be mine?"

If using professional staging is not the best option, we have experience working with sellers to optimize the layout of furniture and decor to create the best flow and present a pleasing aesthetic to potential buyers.

Check out some of our Recent Listings to see our work.

Professional Photography

Does the quote "a picture is worth a thousand words"  hold true when it comes to real estate?

The simple answer is "Yes."

Listing photos are the first impression potential buyers get of your home.  Have you ever seen a listing with photos that appear to have been taken with a cell phone at odd angles with bad lighting? Sub par photos may drive away buyers before they've finished looking at the gallery of photos for a property.

Professional photographers are not only equipped with the best technology, they also have an eye for focusing on just the right angle to present your home in the best possible light.

Once we have the photographs, the next step is arranging them in the optimal order to present your home as a buyer would likely tour it. This helps give potential buyers an effective first glance into what to expect when they tour your home.

Review our Recent Listings to see some of our photographers' work.

Friendly & Professional Partnership with a Collaborative Edge

Somewhere along the way real estate agents  and the industry gained a bad reputation.  From wherever that reputation may stem we can assure you that we have no roots there.

We continue to build a reputation with our customers that we hope precedes us with the expectation of a positive experience. We hope and endeavor to build lasting relationships and friendships through our professional and personal service.

We also know that more heads are better than fewer. We are never done learning. If we ever get the point where we believe that there is nothing more to learn then we need to change direction. In accordance with this mentality, we value our customers' input and are open to new ideas when it comes to listing properties.

Quick Response Time on all Communications

One of the tenets of great service is responding to all inquiries in a timely manner. It is so important to us that it was one of our leading statements when meeting new potential customers.

You will never find yourself needing to ask us twice for a response or worry if we have gotten your text, message or e-mail. If we're am not able to give you a full response in a reasonably short time, we will let you know when to expect a complete reply or phone call.

You can also have confidence in the information provided to you. If there is ever a time in which we do not have an answer to a question, we will let you know that we'll do our research to get the right answer. We're never finished learning, remember?

Complex Transaction Experience

Not all real estate transactions are created equal.  We have experience working in many types of real estate transactions that may involve coordinating and communicating with a customer's legal representation. Please contact us to learn more.

  • 1031 Exchange

  • Coordinated Buy & Sell

  • Relocation

  • Divorce

  • Estate

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